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Universal Key to Meditation

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of meditation practices in existence; how do you choose one? If you're just starting out it can be overwhelming to know where to start, how to judge whether or not something will be worth your time, or if the instructor knows their stuff (or if they're full of crap). […]

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Pre-Order the Book

Frustrated with life? Feel like you're getting pulled in 7 different directions all the time? Don't have enough time for your hobbies, friends, job, relationships, or yourself? "Wing Chun: Life Physics" is a book that will show you how to pull your life together by examining the nature of reality, and then building up from […]

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My Favorite Kung Fu Myth

How does Buddha, the Shaolin temple, and Kung Fu connect? This story will tell you how.

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Why Am I So Overwhelmed,

I'm not a fan of the ocean. All that water freaks me out, quite honestly. A long time ago I spent 4 summers in Ft. Lauderdale living a mile off the beach while in college. It was great. One day I decided to get in the water, even though the breeze had kicked up some […]

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Getting Your Bell Rung

New dimensions to the old saying "Getting your bell rung" in the world of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

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“Real men don’t care how they look”

I see this quote all the time from one of my favorite men's fashion coach & style advisors on Twitter: Tanner Guzy. Go give him a follow on Twitter @tannerguzy, or better yet, buy his book "Appearance of Power" He says it in a tongue-in-cheek way to remind people that image is incredibly important, and nowhere […]

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Quantum Progress

Quantum Leap was a tv show in my childhood that I barely remember, but I do remember it was a time travel show. The dude without the hat was the hero and the guy with the hat was the nerd. I think. Either way it basically made sure anybody who watched the show would fundamentally […]

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Echo Time vs Real Time

One of the most important concepts that will help you stay safe.

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The Archer

A parable. There was a young archer who was winning competition after competition. Riding high on success he challenged the old master to a test of skills. The young archer let the first arrow loose and it landed dead center of the bullseye. The second found its way home too. "Ha! Beat THAT, if you […]

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Maintain Options

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