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Frustrated with life? Feel like you’re getting pulled in 7 different directions all the time? Don’t have enough time for your hobbies, friends, job, relationships, or yourself?

Wing Chun: Life Physics” is a book that will show you how to pull your life together by examining the nature of reality, and then building up from there.

This isn’t a self help book. This is an exploration of the physical & meta-physical world starting from the abstract world of mathematics & geometry as it establishes a mathematical proof for personal integrity.

This is a martial arts book that has little to do with punching & kicking, but everything to do with learning how to not be your own worst enemy.

Never beat yourself up; that’s your opponent’s job!

Preorders are live, and the book will be published in early 2019. The price will go up significantly at that time, so be the first to lock in your order and even get it signed by the author, Jonathan Pritchard.


From now until the book is available you will receive the video “Universal Key to Meditation” which is a 33 minute video explaining the fundamental concepts that underpin all effective meditation strategies regardless of tradition, focus, or lineage. If you’re wondering how to make the most out of your mind & body, this is essential viewing. 

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Why Am I So Overwhelmed,

and what do I do about it?

I’m not a fan of the ocean. All that water freaks me out, quite honestly.

A long time ago I spent 4 summers in Ft. Lauderdale living a mile off the beach while in college. It was great. One day I decided to get in the water, even though the breeze had kicked up some bigger waves than I expected.

Out of nowhere this big one totally crashed into me. Didn’t see it coming as I was busy wiping water out of my eyes from the one before it.

Then the next one got me and I choked on a huge gulp of water that I had expected to be air.

Instantly my mind started freaking out.

Oh my god I’m going to die, I’m going to die, I’m going to die.

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“Real men don’t care how they look”

I see this quote all the time from one of my favorite men’s fashion coach & style advisors on Twitter: Tanner Guzy.

Go give him a follow on Twitter @tannerguzy, or better yet, buy his book “Appearance of Power

He says it in a tongue-in-cheek way to remind people that image is incredibly important, and nowhere is this seen as obviously as we do in the arms & armor of warriors through all of human history.

I was reminded of this as I recently toured the Art Institute of Chicago.

They have an incredible collection in their museum, and my favorite segment is the arms & armor section. I made the most of the opportunity and took a ton of photos that I wanted to share.

Take a look, and pay attention to the incredible levels of detail & craftsmanship that went into every single piece.

In the future I’ll do more digging into each piece and its significance, but for now I simply wanted to share their beauty with the world.


Quantum Progress

Quantum Leap was a tv show in my childhood that I barely remember, but I do remember it was a time travel show.

The dude without the hat was the hero and the guy with the hat was the nerd.

I think.

Either way it basically made sure anybody who watched the show would fundamentally misunderstand what quantum leaps actually are.

It doesn’t have to do with time travel, but electron valences.


Atoms have a nucleus where the protons & neutrons live, and they’re orbited by electrons which form “electron shells.”

Each electron level has a maximum number of electrons that it can hold; the smaller the orbit, the less room there is for electrons. The larger the orbit, the more electrons can fit.

The orbit closest to the nucleus can fit 2 electrons. The next one out can hold 8 electrons. The next 18.

Valence Jumping

Electrons usually stay in their level unless something drastic happens. Every once in awhile an electron will absorb enough energy (by getting hit by a photon or some other packet of energy), and it will “jump” to a higher valence.

Interesting to note that it’s an all-or-nothing proposition. The electron will stay right in its orbit if the energy delivered to it is not sufficient to make it hop to a higher orbit.

It will continue to absorb energy until it has enough and then BAM it leaps to the next valence.

This is a quantum leap: the amount of energy required (quanta) for an electron to change energy state (leap).


I often think of this quirk of electrons in relationship to human progress.

We often get stuck in plateaus where we think nothing is happening, but life is not a linear process.

You have to absorb enough experience & wisdom to “quantum leap” to the next orbit / energy level of life. Until that point you’re going to keep orbiting with the same behaviors, decisions, and mindsets that got you there.

You won’t know how much experience you need to leap to the next level. You’ll be trudging through your current valence of existence, until one day something snaps, and you’ll commit to a different way of thinking and being.

This is the quantum leap in life.

You don’t have plateaus. You have periods of absorbing experience in order to level up.

Don’t focus on the plateau; think about leveling up. It will be a struggle. You won’t know how far from the jump you are. But if you stop you’re guaranteed not to get where you want to go.

The Archer

A parable.

There was a young archer who was winning competition after competition. Riding high on success he challenged the old master to a test of skills.

The young archer let the first arrow loose and it landed dead center of the bullseye. The second found its way home too.

Ha! Beat THAT, if you can!” he boasted.

The master smiled nodding his head slowly. “Impressive. Let’s take a walk,” he said as he headed towards the nearby mountain.

Up they climbed all afternoon. The master said nothing. The young challenger grew more curious.

They finally reached a deep chasm with an old fallen tree acting as a natural bridge. The master calmly strode to the middle of the log, called a distant tree as his target, took aim, and let the arrow fly.

Dead center of a tiny knot in the trunk.

The master walked back to solid ground, and said, “Now you.”

The challenger looked at how far he would fall if he made a single mistake with his footing, and knew he wouldn’t even walk out on the log let alone shoot the arrow.

The master said patiently,

“You have much skill with your weapon, but none with the mind that controls it.”