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System vs Style

This echos the details made in this video interview with Elon Musk.

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Importance of Mindset

Why is mindset so important? Sit down by the fire & let me tell you a story about a process I see all the time in my coaching experience. Potential clients (whether its business coaching or personal/physical) will hop on the phone for a 45 minute deep dive into their situation. This call is designed […]

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Creators & Haters

Why do creators put out work? Why does it attract haters? What should you do about it?

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What vs How

What about this? What about that? What about this other thing? 'Whataboutism' is an insidious disease that has infected many minds nowadays. Here are my thoughts on a better question to be thinking about.

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Can You Learn Kung Fu Online?

This is a very common question with heated opinions against it, but is that wise?

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First Kung Fu Video

My very first (and embarrassing) video of the Siu Nim Tau. Available to Inner Circle patrons.

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Self Control
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The Most Common Wing Chun Question I Get
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Ideological Realm

In the ideological realm all concepts are equally abstract. It's only when you put them into practice that you find how useful or detrimental they are. Evaluate on actual outcome in the real world; not just the imaginary one.

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Why Is Self Defense Important?

You can spend years practicing a martial art and still not be prepared to defend yourself in a dangerous situation with an attacker. Does that mean you should just resign yourself to letting it happen? Absolutely not. Self defense is much more than punching and kicking (which are flashy and fun to do), but some […]

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