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Most Common Postures: Beginner Video
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Kung [Fu]ture Preview

Yesterday I got to stop by the lab and have fun with August Wasilowski who got me set up with a motion capture suit. I went through the first three forms of the Wing Chun system (Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kiu, and Biu Jeet). I don't know exactly what I'll do with it, but now […]

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Strength & Power

"Resistance builds strength, relaxation builds power." ~Jonathan Pritchard

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What, exactly, is Kung Fu (Besides Punching & Kicking)?
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Wing Chun Prayer

Grant me the courage to strike when I should, the serenity to not strike when I should not, and the wisdom to know the difference between the two. Amen.

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Meet Our Wing Chun Mascot

Snake & Arrow There's a Wing Chun bit of wisdom that says, "The feet are like wheels, and the hands like arrows." The way I take that is to understand movement & attack. Feet moving Movement is not like a pendulum swinging side to side as a person's weight is transferred left to right to […]

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Dealing With Aggression

Recognition Is Half The Battle You might be familiar with the cartoon examples of aggressive behavior shown in tv shows, books, and fantasy, but in real life it can often take you by surprise. The natural response, which is to respond in an equally aggressive manner, is exactly the wrong approach if your goal is […]

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Holy 3-Dimensional Kung Fu, Batman!

Wow! That was fast! Last week I went down to Florida for a college entertainment gig (in my other life I'm a mentalist & speaker) and I got to meet up with a long-time friend of mine who is a grad student at the school I was working at. Turns out she's in the VR […]

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Fortune Cookie

Had an incredible dinner tonight: an entire roast duck! Didn't think about taking a photo until this beauty showed up. WHO IS IT?!

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Too often this falls to the realm of pseudoscience claptrap & purveyors of flim-flam. There is, however, a rational approach to making change in your life by a process I like to call a reasonable unreasonableness. This is Life Alchemy. But, first, I want to introduce you to this guy. He's one of the most […]

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