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Body Mechanics in British Martial Arts

Wing Chun is Everywhere At about minute 16, there's a quick mention of "tensegrity" which we've talked about previously. Also take note about the importance of keeping your shoulder down, and not "bleeding" energy. Super cool to see separate paths leading to the same understanding. Principles are principles; no matter who (re)finds them. Sidenote: Today […]

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Be A Badass: Look Like A Gentleman Kung Fu Details It's neat to see a open palm technique to manage distance, and provide a very definite boundary. Notice, again, how it's not a strike; the defender keeps it outstretched and allows the attacker to run into it. Should the attacker ignore the boundary, then there's some […]

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Chaos & Order

Compression & Tension Yin/Yang, Rigid/Flexible, Integrity/Degredation Life is the continual interplay of opposites; this is the essence of our dualistic nature. The Daoists of old understood this as demonstrated by the ingenious imagery of the Yin/Yang. Within each opposite is the seed of its complement. Too much order will degenerate into chaos. From chaos can […]

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Concept vs Technique

As to methods, there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. —Ralph Waldo Emerson What does it mean? When someone says, "Our martial art is concept based, instead of technique based?" It's a familiar phrase in Wing Chun, and it […]

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Escalation of Violence

On Not Feeling Motivated We often have internal competition. We have a goal we want to achieve (outcome) and our current wants (desires & momentary feelings). Many people give in to temporary feelings like wanting to watch Netflix, avoid making cold calls, taking a nap instead of going to the gym, etc. So what do […]

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3 Elements to Manage

At the core, any effective strategy must be simple. If your strategy is too complex, there will be too many moving pieces to manage, and the likelihood of success drops exponentially. Here are the three elements (in order of importance) you absolutely must manage in a dynamic situation if you want to make it out […]

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The Essential Ingredient

This is the absolute heart of self defense. Without this one, specific element, you're never going to take the steps required to save your life from attackers, your friends, family, relationships, bad ideas, or yourself. Here it is: Righteous Indignation Indignation is an interesting word that breaks down into two parts: the Latin prefix in- […]

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Cooperation vs Conflict Competitive sports provide a phenomenal environment to study human nature. Look to the explosion of UFC and how it relates to the development, improvement, and evolution of martial arts. Styles and traditions that have claimed to be the best have crumpled under the pressure of cage fighting, and plenty of bullshit-o artists […]

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Decision Loops

aka: Boyd Cycle John Boyd was a fighter pilot and Pentagon advisor developed an incredibly insightful mental model that centers around how people make decisions. His work was aimed at helping someone survive a dynamic situation, and it's as effective as it is simple & thorough. Essentially, he said that any unfolding situation where we […]

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Demolition Man

Strength vs Skill No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training…what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable. – Socrates Martial arts is the science & study that allows a smaller / […]

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