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The Forest Path

Cut Through The Jungle Of Options To Maximize Effectiveness When you're in a dynamic situation, cycling through options may waste time you should be spending DOING SOMETHING. In order to understand how this process plays out in a physical & mental context, let's look to an analogy of walking through a dense jungle. Imagine you're […]

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Dynamic Tension

Introducing, Mr. Charles Atlas If you grew up reading comic books like I did, you probably saw this advertisement somewhere inside its pages: It's perfect. It plays on your fear of not being able to defend yourself; as though muscles alone will keep you safe! The Man The photograph of the man in the lower […]

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Startle Response

Everybody Has It Air horned Whether you're a mongoose avoiding a snake, or a dude sitting on the crapper, any time your neurological system has too much input, it freaks out. This is the essence of the startle response. The idea is, if there's way too much for me to handle that probably means it's […]

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The (Un)Importance of Lineage

The Art Doesn't Make The Artist Who was Picasso's teacher? Who was Picasso's student? Neither question matters, does it? All you care about is the work Picasso created. You care who he was as an artist. You judged him on his own merits, not what letters were on his certificate. (Did he even go to […]

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First Principles

First Principles Elon Musk, savior of Earth Humans, explains in this short video what it means to reason from first principles, and why it's important. This distinction is incredibly important in the martial arts world, and here's why. Tiger Style Think about kung fu. For thousands of years the knowledge and skills have been passed […]

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There's a genius whose work you're probably familiar with, but you may not recognize his name: Buckminster Fuller. The work you most likely recognize is this "Golf ball;" a geodesic sphere that lives as the visual anchor for Disney's Epcot amusement park.Its real name is "Spaceship Earth," and it's a marvel in engineering terms. How […]

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